Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing ceremony that invites practitioners to clear blocked energy, trauma, and wounds thus converting negative energy into positive energy, love and deepened connection.

The problems we face on Mother Earth are the result of humans being out of balance with themselves, each other, and our natural environment. To bring healing to the earth we must first look within and bring resolution to the history which brought us to the present moment.

Hawaiians, living on islands with finite land resources, have a powerful cultural practice that is valuable to all of humanity at this time. Mālama Pono means “to take care of one’s self”. Since the health of our planet and the individual is intertwined we are inviting all to join us for Earth Day by starting within using this simple and profound healing practice.

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We Want to Hear Your Stories!

What are the blockages, and wounds that you would like to remove or heal?

You can practice Ho’oponopono with yourself, your friends, family, and even with your relationship to Mother Earth. Historical gender wounds, colonialism, and other abuses have left us in a place where trust is broken. In order to heal ourselves, our communities, and the planet, we must start within! Share your stories using the hashtag #malamapono (which means “to care for one’s self).

Are you Hawaiian?

Our team consists of Hawaiians, and non-Hawaiians. On behalf of all of us we would like to offer our deepest gratitude to you for enduring colonialism and keeping this sacred teaching alive that people everywhere may practice it. If you have a story from an uncle or aunty about the tradition of Ho’oponopono and are willing to share it through your social media networks, it will give great depth and meaning to people everywhere who are on this healing journey of Mālama Honua to heal our Island Earth. Mahalo!



Millions of people across the planet are waking up to the devastation that our eco-systems have endured as a result of population and technology in our modern times. Earth Day is a recognition that healing is needed. Though Earth Day has valuable roots in activism it is our belief that the personal, internal dimension is crucial to the healing that is needed. That’s why we recommend practicing a Global Ho’oponopono Ceremony livestream on Earth Day.

The Cooperatist Movement is dedicated to teaching the importance of cooperation over competition because the global issues we face as a species will require an unprecedented unified movement. In exploring the reasons that humans have a hard time cooperating, and there are many of them, we have boiled it down to personal wounds, mistrust, and out-dated narratives about who we are.

The Hawaiian Cultural Practice of Ho’oponopono is derived from traditional chants that are meant for clearing these blockages and mending severed relationships with self, community, and the land. The stories and varying styles of Ho’oponopono practice provide a valuable roadmap for people to take steps towards inner peace and clarity. It is our hope that this will ripple out through our local communities everywhere. Though the tradition is born in Hawaii, we feel that it is a beautiful teaching that will help us all on our journey to bring more healing to our our planet.

For a brief excerpt from the Bishop Museum book, Nā Mo’olelo Lomilomi: The Traditions of Hawaiian Massage and Healing,  click here. The Ho’Opae Pono Peace Project also has this beautiful description of Ho’oponopono along with terms that describe the process.

We have partnered with a number of outstanding global organizations as well as Pōhāhā I Ka Lani, a respected local educational non-profit on the Big Island of Hawaii. Please take the time to read through our Partners Page and support their valuable work in the world!

Watch Now!

Watch Now!

Global Ho’oponopono streamed live on April 22, 2017. Approximately 15,000 people from countries around the world participated in the live stream People used their computer keyboard to typed into the group chat their prayers, forgiveness, and things they are releasing. It was a beautiful ceremony that ends with the prayers being offered to the ocean. You can now watch the full broadcast below (39 minutes long).



This initiative is produced by Cooperatist Movement, Unify, Culture Collective, and Pōhāhā I Ka Lani. Please scroll to the bottom to see our partners who are playing various roles to help make this special event possible.

Pōhāhā I Ka Lani is our local non-profit beneficiary organization whose mission is to revitalize and advance indigenous Hawaiian culture, founded in 2001 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2009. 

The name Pōhāhā I Ka Lani comes from a line in the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian Creation Chant, translating for our organization as the “the emergence of intelligent stewardship to perpetuate and advance Hawaiian resources.”

Pōhāhā I Ka Lani fulfil it’s mission and kuleana by stewarding land with the community to ensure the cultural knowledges and practices of this wahi pana are perpetuated. 

Our kuleana centers around the cultural kīpuka and wahi pana of Waipiʻo Valley on the Hāmākua coast of Moku O Keawe, Hawaiʻi Island.

You can learn more about Pōhāhā I Ka Lani at their website or donate to the non-profit here.

Kumu Harry Uhane Jim is a teacher of Lomilomi, he teaches the techniques that open us to healing in body and spirit.  Through this practice we learn that physical healing is a small bit, that Lomilomi is emotional evolution, a gift from Spirit to humanity, available to all of us. “There will be no tests,” Kahuna Harry writes. “Nobody fails. Therein is your growth.” You can visit his Facebook Page to learn more.

We are so grateful that Harry has taken the time to share his wisdom about Ho’oponopono, yet he has emphasized that there are many layers, perspectives, and individuals with wisdom about this sacred practice within the Hawaiian Culture. This is why we have opened up the campaign to invite voices from all the islands, and districts to share their own family stories and wisdom via social media using the hashtag #MALAMAPONO. (Instagram allows for a 1-minute video)

Collective Evolution is a grassroots organization created in 2009, CE is now one of the world’s most popular alternative media, production, and community outlets that gives readers an opportunity to reshape their everyday way of thinking. CE’s content ranges from full-length articles, to videos, to live events, all of which share one common goal: to raise awareness about how our world functions, and to encourage conscious change that moves beyond it.

URI Cooperation Circles: Interfaith Cooperation Circles (CCs) are the heart of URI. Independently organized, self-governing and self-funding, they build cooperation among people of all faiths and traditions to address the most pressing issues facing their collective communities, including poverty, religiously motivated violence, environmental degradation and more.

Some examples of URI CC work include:

  • Winning full citizenship for poor and disenfranchised brick workers in Pakistan
  • Rescuing “child soldiers” in the Ugandan civil war
  • Brokering a truce between factions of the Christian church in Kerala, India
  • Working with government officials, teachers and police to increase social cohesion and stem violence before it starts in urban areas of Catalonia
  • Urban reforestation in New Delhi, India
  • Helping religious and cultural minorities in the conflict-prone province of Mindanao, Philippines have their voices heard by government officials in Manila

Cooperation Circles range in size from a minimum of seven members to tens of thousands, representing at least three faiths or traditions, including the non-religious, and subscribe to the shared vision outlined in URI’s Charter. They are connected to one another and the global URI network through eight regional anchor points, where regional coordinators help CCs build capacity, organize regional gatherings and trainings, and seed new CCs. URI’s global office in San Francisco provides support for regional leaders, maintains a global communications network, organizes conferences to bring CCs together from all over the globe, and supports three global initiatives, the Traveling Peace Academy, the Young Leaders Program and the Environmental Satellite.

Autumn Skye Morrison Created the beautiful painting on our website splash page. We wanted to honor the cultural roots of Ho’oponopono in Hawaii, but also represent that this event and ceremony is global, for everyone everywhere. Autumn’s painting expresses this sentiment to perfection!

“In this shifting and challenging Time, I feel a deep stirring, a potent blossoming of creativity. It is all around us, gaining momentum and strength; in our own lives, in those of our family and community, and in the collective experience. It is our divine duty to create and share inspiration, especially at this time of change. As we honor our own personal creativity, we contribute vitally to the whole. We inspire those around us to celebrate, we empower them to create, we manifest visual mirrors to the light, divinity, and potential of each viewer.” –Autumn Skye Morrison

Four Worlds International Institute for Human and Community Development was born out of the intense deliberations and prayers during a gathering of native elders and community leaders. It was held on the Blood Indian Reservation on the high plains of Alberta in the last week of December 1982. Forty distinguished representatives of North American tribes met in search of a solution to the social devastation brought on by, alcohol, poverty and an increasing sense of powerlessness that was sweeping across tribal communities. This collection of individuals and organizations has continued to evolve through the decades supporting communities and nations in building a healthy and sustainable future for the human family.

The International Coordinator of Four Worlds International Institute is Phil Lane, jr., a traditionally recognized Hereditary Chief and Elder enrolled in both the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and is a citizen of both Canada and the United States.

UPLIFT Combining the gift of intimate live events with the power of the internet to reach the world, UPLIFT is a bridge of love and consciousness into real world action, guided by a fundamental vision of Sarvodaya – Sanskrit meaning: “Upliftment for all”.